The first year of holding Loot Trailer 2021

Lut desert is located in three parts of northern Lut, South Khorasan, central Lut of Kerman, southern Lut of Sistan and Baluchestan.
The marathon trail starts in the central lot of Kerman province, in the Shahdad section of Shafi Abad castle, which dates back to the Qajar period, and enters the clots after about 4-5 km.
Klut is made up of the whole words Volut, meaning the city of Lut, and in desert areas, the ridges between the horseshoe-shaped grooves of Kalut are called.
The runners enter the Nebka forest after crossing the clots. The Nebka forests are actually a large plain full of sand dunes with trees growing on them.

Loot Desert Trail Event
Media reflection
Brett and pacifiers

To see the video of this contest, just watch the video below and write your comments for us

سبد خرید

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