For custom goods that Himalaya puts in its store box, it can be returned in full denim within 7 days without deduction, otherwise it will not return any goods because you bought that product. Also, goods in Himalayas are checked under strong QC. Defective goods are out of the cycle. That is why we guarantee the authenticity of the goods.

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نحوه ثبت سفارش

​All Himalayan goods have originality and physical health. If there is a problem with the coordination of sales management, it is possible to return and receive the goods in the Himalayan warehouse for up to seven days. Rials are listed, not included in the 7-day exchange guarantee

How to return the goods

​Regarding manufactured and foreign goods, due to passing the production cycle, we have no possibility of return and most of the goods are limited edition.

  How to return the goods     1.Manufactured goods      2.Customized goods

سبد خرید

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