Lut Desert Trail



Be one of the runners who will start a wonderful route from Shafi Abad Caravanserai (belonging to Qajar period) and experience along the hills and sand dunes of Lut Desert, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with exceptional natural wonders and unique historical heritage! Two different distances, which is one of the unique experiences.


First route: 35 km, smooth sand and plain


A special event that passes through the smooth sands and plains of Lut desert and ends the way from Shafi Abad caravanserai to the other side! Explore the heart of the Loot Desert by running along the natural towers that dominate the scenery.

5 checkpoints


Second route: 15 km, smooth sand and plain


A special event that passes through the sands and flat plains of Lut desert and will be on the way to Loop from Shafi Abad caravanserai!


The competition will start on December 17, 2014 at 8:00 AM in the heart of the desert of Shafi Abad village, Shafi Abad caravanserai. Participants must complete the route in less than 7 hours, ie they must have the necessary equipment to ensure their running safety for possible weather conditions.


Only registered runners can participate in this event. Registration through Lut Tourism Services Office will end on 10 Azar 1400 at 17:00. (TCT), or when a maximum of 150 participants are registered.



Names of stations


  1.  Start of Shafi Abad Caravanserai
  2.  Clout
  3.  nebka ylan
  4.  Roasted wheat
  5.  Loot



- Non-refundable registration fee: 600,000 Tomans


:Registration fee includes


- Baby number

- Contest T-shirt

- drinks

- Contest party

- Finishing medal for participants who successfully complete the competition

Route design

- Two differential vehicles for support



:Competition requirements



  1.  Backpacking
  2.  Two half-liter thermos
  3.  Rescue blanket
  4.  Whistle
  5.  Sunglasses
  6.  Sun hat
  7.  head scarf


Duration of the competition: starting at 8 am on December 17th and ending at 4 pm.


:Documents required for registration

  2.  Sports insurance scan
  3.  Medical certificate scan
  4.  Scanning the national card
  5.  Covid 19 vaccination certificate from the system
  6.  Scan the deposit slip



:Card number for deposit

Amir Ali Afzali


:Phone number for sending documents



Contest packages including contest aprons will be distributed on the dates listed below at the Contest Office at the Himalayan Pavilion.

December month 2021 Thursday: 14:00 to 20:00








سبد خرید

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