Lut Desert Trail 2021

Why is the trail in the desert of Loot

Kalut of Shahdad desert in the north of Kerman one of the most original and pristine tourist landscapes in the world, which has a very long history and is one of the first settlements and civilizations in ancient Iran with about 6,000 years old. Known.
The hottest spot in the world with a temperature of more than 70 degrees is located in the Lut Desert, according to NASA findings; The flag of Shahdad is also the oldest metal flag found in the world, which is kept in the National Museum of Iran.
Kerman province with eight world registration works has the most world registration works among the provinces.
 The Loot trail 
 started  on December 17, 2014  at 8:00   AM in the heart of the desert of Shafi Abad village, Shafi Abad  caravanserai. Participants   must finish the route in less than 7 hours semi-sufficiently They delivered.

Names of stations for rest and recovery of athletes

1) 5 km from Shafi Abad village

2) Clout

3) nebka ylan

4) Roasted wheat

5) Loot




First route: 35 km, smooth sand and plain

   At the end of the competition in the men's section of 35 km, Mr.  Reza Azizian from Gilan province, Hamidreza Goodarzi from Markazi province and Ali Ghaibi from Kurdistan won the first to third places.
In the 35 km category, women Fatemeh Bagheri, Zeinab Jaberi and Homeira Barzegar were first to third.


Second route: 15 km, smooth sand and plain

At the end of this competition in the men's 15 km section, Ehsan Aminian Dehkordi, Siavash Saadi Manesh, Morteza Rokota won the first to third places.

In the women's 15 km section , Monira Nasr Azadani, Saeedeh Mohebbi and Fatemeh Akramzadeh came first to third.


To see photos and videos enough matches Here click 



Host of Kerman Lut Tourism Camp program  under the management of Mr. Moin Afzali

The route is supported by the Lut Offroad team and the safari club of Kerman Tourism Center

Technical section of Mr. Akbar Naqdi

The main sponsor of Himalayan sportswear

Massage section to be 

Cash prizes to the winners by Shirpala store

Cinematographer Mr. Amir Salehi

Photographer Mr. Meysam Tajabadi


Media coverage of news agencies:


IRIB News Agency

IRNA News Agency 

Fat Photo News Agency

Aria Heritage News Agency


Top people and finisher time 1400

سبد خرید

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