​In case of bulk order, Himalayas have no restrictions for ordering and you can also consider designing your own logo for the collection
If your choice is among the goods on the site, prices are based on the material used in the product, but if your order is based on your own material, it can be negotiated based on circulation and delivery date.
Our production capacity for clothes is about 5,000 pieces, which according to production planning can have between 1 to 3 months of working traffic

How to send the goods is through the factory door. Now, according to the agreement with the company, how to send it from the border or place is according to the agreement between the two parties.

Shopping guide from the Himalayas

نحوه ثبت سفارش

1​. Select the photo code along with the product name
2. Specify the desired number according to the denim of each product.

3.If there is a color scheme, specify the desired color.
4.Register your request along with your information and contact number on the site.

5. After confirming the warehouse, a pre-invoice will be issued and after depositing the goods, it will be sent to your address.

​​​How to place an order in the Himalayas​​​​​​​

سبد خرید

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